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We love what we do.

For us it begins with the food.  We carefully select ingredients which meet our quality standards, sourcing locally as the season allows.

Sometimes this is easy. You can only go right when you are purchasing vegetables from a neighborhood farmer in September, where you can see through the season how the fields have been treated and talk to the farmer to ask how they manage their crops.

Sometimes it is not so easy. For example, if you say you would like to have a really tasty and interesting salad in the middle of February, we have to work a little harder to find products that meet our standards, and yours.

There are many issues that weigh into the choices: farm-raised or wild caught? How much does it cost?  Grass fed or grain finished? Certified or sustainably grown?  Conventional or organic? Big agriculture or little? And so many more…

What we know is that the path to good food is diverse and evolving every day. At Harvest Grille, we pledge to make thoughtful choices in order to bring you food that is the best it can be.

We would love it if you would share your thoughts on this topic with us. Contact us.
In the meantime, come in, try us out, and enjoy.

Your hosts,
Tim and Susan



At Harvest Grille, everything we do is done with you in mind.  We are building a collection of seasonal cocktails (join us on Thursday evenings for practice night!) that complement our thoughtfully prepared meals.  And those meals!  The chopping and slicing and endless tasting (darn!) that goes into finding the flavor that makes us, and hopefully you, say “Wow!”



Please join us.  It is not about rushing in and out, but about having a place where you can meet friends, enjoy good food and fine spirits and be comfortable.  Please come, settle in, and feel good to be here.



We would like you to think of Harvest Grille as an extension of your home – only with less work involved.  Having a special luncheon or a group of the guys over for dinner?  With a small private room and the possibility of other space to match your group size let Harvest Grille help you make your special event effortless.


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Harvest Grille loves your special event.

Reserve the Green Room for parties of eighteen or less. Larger groups can be arranged depending on table availability and timing. Please contact us to see if Harvest Grille is a good match for your needs.

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